UK shoppers slam Tesco over 'ridiculous' security tags on duvets

UK shoppers slam Tesco over 'ridiculous' security tags on duvets

Duvet with tag.
Photo: Duvet with tags. (C) Logan Linwood.

Shoppers have criticized Tesco for what they called “ridiculous” precautions after the supermarket chain added security tags to duvet covers.

Logan Lynwood spotted a rack of tagged and wrapped bedding in a store in Didcot, Oxfordshire, yesterday.

Logan Linwood.
Many people were shocked by the new security level. (C) Logan Linwood.

The 53-year-old said she could not believe what she was seeing and claimed that excessive security measures made it look like the store was “treating everyone like thieves”.

The video shows Logan approaching the bedding section of a local branch and browsing through duvet covers.

The text on the screen reads “Tesco tags duvet covers”.

She moves the camera to show a pile of duvet sheets and covers.

Each item has a giant plastic security tag attached to it, crossed with black wire to protect the item from shoplifters.

As Logan says this, you can hear music playing in the background of the store. “Tesco is now putting security tags on their security covers.

“What's next? I mean, they start from £10, so they're not the most expensive things in the store.”

She pans the camera to show duvet sets ranging from £10 to £36.

Logan shared the footage on social media yesterday, where it received dozens of likes and comments, with many confused by the unusual level of security.

One person wrote:[This is] Why online shopping is overtaking in-store purchases. Convenience. “

Duvet with tag.
Photo: Duvet with tags. (C) Logan Linwood.

Another said: This is a bit mentally insane. ”

A third person commented: “Meat chains covered packs are going to be the next fad.” Play old music to throw you off course. All we need to survive is a good price. ”

A fourth added: “Local Tesco has put security tags on Bonjera tubes.”

Speaking to Logan today, she said: “It was at Tesco in Didcot, Oxfordshire. I made some videos about products that had security tags on them.

“I find it odd that a £10 duvet cover has tags on it. I think these tags probably have Tesco money on them.

“Duvet covers are generally lower-priced items compared to electronics and luxury products.

“So the benefit of adding security tags may not be worth the effort and expense. Also, it might offend people, so…

“My Tesco has all the exits blocked off with bars and there is an alarm on the front bar so the alarm goes off when you leave the entrance.

“All this security pisses me off because it’s like Tesco is treating everyone like thieves.

“Tesco must have lost stock to shoplifters. I understand why alcohol has tags, but it's ridiculous to put tags on duvets and even chocolate.”

Tesco has been approached for comment.

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