Urban Outfitters bedding is understated and beautiful (and actually affordable)

Urban Outfitters bedding is understated and beautiful (and actually affordable)

Think about your bedding and whether it needs refreshing. Especially if it's a set you definitely didn't sign up for, but Great Aunt Barb thought was “just fun” when she picked it out for you. Now, you probably have your go-to home decor store in mind, but trust me when I say you should consider Urban Outfitters.

Yes, the same Urban Outfitters where you bought your college going-out tops also make bedding that's quirky, cute, sophisticated, and comfortable. Oh, and sets are also available at affordable prices to make sleeping easier. Below, we've compiled some of our favorite bedding from Urban Outfitters.

I like my bed as much as I like my apartment. It's refreshing and clean. This white duvet exudes just that with its uniform yet attractive pattern.

But that ($169)

This floral embroidered comforter is cute without being too sweet thanks to its moody purple hue.

Buy it ($149)

This washed cotton duvet rust can bring a much-needed pop of color to your bedroom if you're brave enough.

But that ($99)

The pattern on this navy comforter is delicate and satisfying enough to make you want to crawl into bed right away.

But that ($129)

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