Wayfair's Best Mattress and Bedding Deals for Way Day 2024

Wayfair's Best Mattress and Bedding Deals for Way Day 2024


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As the days are getting longer, shouldn't we all be getting more sleep?

Perhaps that's wishful thinking. Either way, there's no bad reason to upgrade your bedding. Plus, the beginning of May seems like the perfect time to do it, with warm weather, spring cleaning, and, of course, Wayfair's biggest sale of the year.

Wayfair's Way Day shopping show is one of the best opportunities to save thousands of dollars on top bedding brands (yes, you heard it right). Whether you're planning to update your entire bedding aesthetic, need a new mattress, extra sheets or new pillows, there's a great deal for every need. . No matter what, Wayfair has your back.

For a limited time, you can save up to 75% off on best-sellers like the Beautyrest 14-inch mattress, Wayfair Basics sheet set, all-season feather down comforter, and more. All these items and more are on sale right now, but don't wait too long to add them to your cart. When discounts are this deep, products fly off the shelves.

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Read this article to shop the best deals at Wayfair's Way Day sale. Or read on to find more places to buy mattresses, comforters, and duvet covers online. Before you know it, you'll be getting the best sleep of your life.

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Bestway Day Mattress Sale

Casper Sleep 10 Inch Element Mattress

casper sleep element mattress

Casper is known for its supportive and durable bedding designs. This mattress has medium softness and 10-inch thickness, making it ideal construction for most sleepers.

Signature Design 12 Inch Ultra Plush Mattress by Ashley Chime

Signature Design 12 Inch Ultra Plush Mattress by Ashley Chime

Some people prefer a firm bed, while others prefer a plush bed. If you consider yourself to be in the latter category, then this is the mattress for you. Ashley Chime's Signature Design 12-Inch Ultra Plush Mattress costs less than $400 and won't disappoint.

ComforPedic Loft 14 Inch Hard Gel Memory Foam Mattress by Beautyrest

ComforPedic Loft 14 Inch Hard Gel Memory Foam Mattress by Beautyrest

Get a beautiful rest with this Comfortpedic Loft mattress. You'll sleep better knowing you saved over $1000 on this premium mattress.

Wayfair Sleep 12 Inch Medium Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Wayfair Sleep™ 12

Wayfair offers a variety of premium mattress bands, but did you know they also offer their own line of bedding? The Wayfair Sleep 12-Inch Medium Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress is currently available for less than $350 Masu.

Wayfair Sleep 14 Inch Medium Hybrid Mattress

Bed with wooden frame and white pillows

This sustainable mattress is sure to give you a good night's sleep. Made with a combination of coils and six layers of memory foam, sleepers can enjoy low-motion transfers (meaning they won't impede their partner's movements during the night).

ComforPedic From Beautyrest 14 Inch Medium Charcoal Infused Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Bed with ComforPedic bed frame From Beautyrest

Charcoal-infused mattresses certainly sound (and look) luxurious. Activated carbon memory foam provides body-hugging elasticity and has a slight cooling effect.

Slumber Solutions 14 Inch Medium Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Bed with Slumber Solutions medium gel mattress

This 14-inch mattress from Slumber Solutions is made with resilient memory foam and infused with gel particles to keep the bed at the right temperature. You can save over $1500 off the original price.

Wayfair Sleep 6 Inch Medium Memory Foam Mattress

bed with basket and lamp

For sleepers who prefer a thinner frame, consider this 6-inch option from Wayfair Sleep. The green tea infusion creates a calming effect and helps eliminate odors, making this mattress well worth the price.

Best Way Day Bedding Sale

chenille chunky knit throw

Bed decorated with white blanket and pillows with plush chenille chunky knit throw

If there's one thing we've learned about 2024's design trends, it's that they're all about chunky. in. This modern hand-knitted vegan blanket has a cloud-like feel and is cuddly and dreamy when not being used as decoration.

Santos Down Alternative Plush Stomach Sleeper Pillow

group of pillows on bed

Stomach sleepers may need additional support. These down pillows are equipped with a thick structure and polyester gel filling that is tailored to the position of your body.

Hart Farmhouse Country Linen Woven Striped Duvet Cover Set

A bed with pillows and plants beside it, like a rural farmhouse.

Inject some rustic charm into your room with this woven farmhouse striped duvet cover. This set comes with two pillowcases and an accent pillow for the perfect look.

Kenneth Cole Solid Waffle Waffle Duvet Cover Set

Bed with white comforter and pillows by Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole doesn't skimp when it comes to style. This duvet cover has all the desirable details, including a button closure, interior corner ties, and a modern waffle texture.

Keisi Annabella Floral Soft Matelasse Jacquard Quilt Set

Bed with white bedding and plants in vases

What's not to love about this yarn-dyed Matelasse quilt set? Choose from soft floral sage and white or blush and white colorways. Both are reversible, so you can change the style to suit your preference.

Wayfair Basics 1800 Series Sheet Set

Stack of Wayfair Basics® 1800 Series green sheets on dresser

There's no need to overcomplicate things. These Wayfair Basics sheets are made from 100% microfiber polyester and come in over 25 colors. Complete set includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases.

Nautica Ridgeport Cotton Reversible Quilt Set

Bed with striped bedding

Reflecting Nautica's classy design, this reversible quilt set features pinstripes with large textured sections for added dimension. Save over $100 off your bed with this set.

Three Posts Cynthiana Microfiber Sheet Set

Three Posts Cynthiana Microfiber Sheet Set

Finding the right set of newly made sheets can be difficult, especially for people with sensitive skin. This set is super gentle and currently under $30 at Wayfair. Bundle includes fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases.

Tommy Bahama Palm Day Cotton Reversible Quilt Set

Bed with blue and white Tommy Bahama Palm Day cotton bedding

With warmer days ahead, this cool coastal Tommy Bahama bed set is the perfect addition to your beach house bedroom. Choose from four colorways to match your style.

All season down alternative comforter

Bed with white down alternative comforter and pillows suitable for all seasons

Choose this down comforter with hotel-quality softness for an eco-friendly alternative. The brushed microfiber shell, box stitching, and ultra-lightweight filling make this comforter one of the best choices for medium-temperature sleepers.

all season down comforter

A bed with a white down comforter and pillows suitable for all seasons.

Can you buy a real goose down comforter for less than $100? It's not common to find deals like this. It provides luxurious warmth throughout and feels light like a feather.

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