We found Blake Lively's loose bedding

We found Blake Lively's loose bedding

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In her Instagram recap of 2023, Blake Lively focused on one particular moment. That's when Michael Kors dressed her in a gold sequined jumpsuit to attend her own fashion show in Brooklyn in September. In addition to photos taken at the event, gossip girl The star revealed what she looked like just before leaving the house. To no one's surprise, she is the epitome of an organizer. But her bed is not.

There's a lot more to this photo than her sparkling jumpsuit. First, Lively gives us a glimpse of her New York City bedroom, which she shares with her husband Ryan Reynolds. Similar snapshots inside her apartment, though the wide wood floors, massive ceiling beams, and textured taupe walls might make you think she's in Telluride rather than Tribeca. , confirming that the rustic setting is actually a Manhattan loft that the couple purchased in 2017. The vibe she seems to be going for in this space is an upholstered bed with dreamy linens.

Beyond the fact that Ms. Lively and Ms. Reynolds clearly didn't get around to making their bed that day, we zoomed in on her duvet and sheets. Luckily, she tagged a lot of brands in her photos, so you might want to check out her olive green linen duvet cover from The Citizenry, Matte Satin Sheets from Moreau's Dune or Bone's classic I was able to easily track down what appeared to be linen items.

taupe sheets
Tomorrow's Soft Goods Terracotta

green duvet

Stonewashed Linen Duvet Cover, The Citizenry ($289)

From a practical point of view, this combination results in a very comfortable sleeping experience. Linen is cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and gets softer with each use. Satin, a type of cotton weave, offers a sophisticated look but is easy to care for. Both materials are soft and breathable all year round, and unlike similar products from other brands, Morrow's satin is organic and shine-free. From an aesthetic standpoint, these fabrics look best when loosely layered and slightly fuzzy. In other words, it's the ideal bed for anyone, including celebrities, who doesn't want to create the perfect bed all the time.

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